JYD Basketball is a Nike Outfitted Club


JYD & Nike

In 2016 JYD became a Nike outfitted club which entails discounted gear and opportunities for Nike events. Look Good. Feel Good. Play Good. 


​Why JYD Basketball

Skills. Drills. Teams.



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JYD Basketball is a tulsa area girls basketball club that was established in 2011. we are a voluntary association built on the mission of helping athletes reach their basketball potential. 


JYD provides innovative and effective fundamental individual player development that encompasses footwork, live and dead ball scoring, ball handling, shooting technique, moving without the basketball, and passing in creative drills taught by former Division one coach, Rick Karr. Coach Karr has trained more than one hundred college and professional basketball players over his career and countless youth. He has a master’s degree in education and uses life lessons, competition, and “Basketball Phonics” in order to teach youth players how to learn and execute advanced fundamentals at game speed. In short, he wants his players to become “basketball mechanics” – able to diagnose and fix their own basketball problems.

His focus revolves around mastering five key areas of basketball: having a physical presence, developing a basketball brain, being dependable/trustworthy, Commanding Attention and becoming skillful. JYD basketball club combines Coach Karr's drills with forming teams who play tournaments against their peers in order to learn to utilize their skills in the chaos of competitive basketball.

If your child is serious about becoming a legitimate high school basketball player then JYD is the place to help her get there in a fun and stimulating environment with like-minded players and parents. It means very little how good your child is now, but rather, how hard she is willing to work and how good she wants to be!
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  • Geoff Hauger co-founder of JYD basketball club